"We went with the 'KC Campbell experience.' It was AMAZING! Our guests raved about how awesome they thought our DJ was and how interactive he was. They loved it." Kana – Wedding 02.14.15

Ricky Hayes

“The only words that can adequately describe Ricky are amazing and awesome.” - Julia Y – Wedding 08.31.14

Kara Ford

"She rocked it at maintaining a genuinely upbeat vibe throughout the entire event--laying the foundation for a successful evening! We highly recommend Kara." - Cherice – June 2014

Jeff Collins

"I couldn't recommend him any higher!! Any event that ever requires a DJ, Jeff is absolutely the best out there!!!" - Kaylin – Wedding 08.02.14

Tony Okungbowa

Ellen DeGeneres' favorite DJ, and resident DJ on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show from 2003 - 2014.

James Shippy

"He was very responsive and knew what type of music we wanted for our wedding. He was friendly and attentive to our needs during the entire event. Thanks James!" Erica – Wedding 10.12.14

Chantz Simpson

"The DJ brought down the House! Don’t bother calling anyone else!" - Mike - Wedding 05.02.15

Andy Rossi

"We loved our DJ Andy Rossi! Everyone had so much fun dancing, it was like we were at a club with the DJ playing all of our favorite songs. We didn't want the night to end! :) " - Clara Kim – Wedding 12.03.14

Joe Pera

"People say that your DJ can make or break the wedding... well Joe MADE it for sure. Our wedding was so magical and perfect at the right times, and so fun during the rest" - Danielle – Wedding 04.25.15

Abraham Chase

"Abraham was totally professional, very personable and absolutely adorable. Great and easy to work with !!! He made our event a success!" Yelp - Karen S 05/05/16

Henry Jones

"If you want the best wedding dance party ever, request DJ Henry!!!" - Gina – Wedding 02.14.15

Eric Visperas

"Eric Visperas is an amazing DJ that made our August 2014 wedding truly, the BEST DAY EVER!" – Jo – August 2014


"We could not have asked for better service or enthusiasm. We highly recommend VOX DJ and especially DJ Trego! We are so grateful for all of their hard work!" - Ashley D, Yelp - 07.26.15

Fernando Hernandez

"We had an absolutely incredible time at our wedding and Fernando was a huge part of the experience! He was a total pro!" - Vik, Yelp - 07.27.15

Diego Hellewell

"We have received numerous compliments on the evening but by far the best is that you had us dancing until closing!" - Jamie – 03.21.15

Joe Rivera

"Joe is absolutely the best DJ. I noticed his great reviews and decided to use his services, and I'm so glad I did.”

Kupah James

"My husband and I really felt that the music at a wedding sets the tone and we could not have been happier with Vox DJs and how it all turned out!" - Candace, Yelp

Eric De La Torre

"He was extra collaborative and proactive in the planning process, and couldn't have executed the big night any better" - Ricky M- Yelp

Ace Conlon

"Ace's outgoing personality and ability to really read our guests kept the party going all night" - Kiki, Yelp

Tyler Osborne

"Ceremony, cocktail hour and reception were all seamlessly perfect. Guests raved about the awesome music (even when it was just playing in the background) for the entire evening!" - Han– 04.18.15

Jim Sullivan

We got NUMEROUS compliments after the fact. "Your DJ was awesome!" "Where did you find him?" "The music selection was incredible!!" Yelp - 05/16/16

Scott Jonokuchi

"Scott did an awesome job for our event!!! He was SO nice, extremely flexible, and did a great job overall! He knew when to keep it mellow and when to kick things up." - Erica – 05.16.15

Dax Jordan

"You won't find any other DJ company as professional, inviting and fun as VOXDJS." - Lisette Wedding – 03.21.15 -

Cam Arnett

"His taste in music is fantastic and he helped keep the vibe of the event upbeat and cool." - Megan – 03.22.15

Tommy O’Sullivan

"We LOVED our VoxDj Tommy O'Sullivan, he was fantastic! He kept the crowd dancing and the bride and groom happy! We could not have been happier, you're the best!" - Roxanne Nichols, Yelp 10.14.15

Madi Di

"She made the experience stress free and I recommend her highly" - Renee - Yelp

Dani Wigfall

"Our event was magical, if I can give her 100 stars, I would!!!" - Mari - Yelp

Luke M

"DJ Luke was- in a word- AWESOME. The first thing he said to us when we initially sat down was 'I'm so excited to be matched with you guys. I totally got this.' And he did." Ashley – Wedding 08.30.15

Kahai Owens

"Kahai was a fantastic emcee. He made the exact right amount of announcements without being over the top or cheesy." - Jesse - Yelp

Paul Strickland

"Till this day, we still have guests raving about how great and wonderful Paul was" - Joe C Yelp

Preet Bisla

" He has such an upbeat and friendly presence and truly kept our party going all night! He did a wonderful job of reading the crowd and keeping tons of guests on the dance floor" Kristen - Yelp

Aaron Rafael

"He did a fantastic job directing the wedding from event to event, and played exactly what we wanted, and that included a few off the wall selections too" - Kelsey - Yelp

Khalil Santiago

"VOX DJs absolutely killed it from beginning to end. KHALIL epitomized every bit of professionalism, energy," Matthew, Yelp

Kelli Boyt

"The event was a huge success. Kelli did great. He motivated people to get up and dance. It was a great event. Thanks so much for all of your help!! See you next year!" - Cynthia

Sahara Thompson

"DJ Sahara Jade killed it. She was on time, professional, enthusiastic and fun. She brought our event to the next level." Tasha - Yelp

Huyen Vy

"Her versatility adds so much value to their expertise! Their is no one like her in the industry :)" - Jenny Yelp

Ruby Rosas

"We couldn't be more delighted with choosing VOX Djs and Ruby" - Emily, Yelp

Christian Hudnell

"He really made our reception...people are still asking us who he was and how we found him. His energy had everyone up and dancing all night," - Shelly, Yelp

DJ Potira

DJ NAME Potira HOMETOWN Rio de Janeiro, Brazil COLLEGE Santa Monica College BEST LIVE CONCERT ATTENDED  Prince, Los Angeles FAVORITE ...

Mike Rylander

"Thank you Mike! Your easy going yet professional personality was wonderful and helped on making the event the success it was." - Suzanne 11.07.15

Marcus Brown

"Marcus' flexibility, meticulous wording and strong perspicacity to identify the perfect music made our wedding a truly sublime experience" - Lacey Yelp,

Marc Minero

"It felt like having a good friend dj'ing and emcee'ing our wedding rather than a vendor. Thank you again!!" - Jessica W, Yelp

Brian Hake

The dancefloor was PACKED from the moment we opened it up to everyone to the moment we had to kick people out! - Brittany, Yelp

Noel Tuttle

"0He is positive, upbeat, and motivating. The music was exactly what we wanted - he totally got and followed our vision. " - Abby, Yelp

Chase Edwards

"Thanks to Chase for making our day so fun and memorable!!" Xuan - Yelp

Brendan Shannon

HOMETOWN Bellingham, WA HIGH SCHOOL Squalicum – GO STORM! COLLEGE Orange Coast College BEST LIVE CONCERT ATTENDED Twenty One Pilots, ...

Hallie Ashford

"She was a great emcee and people kept coming up to me all night long complimenting me on the DJ. I'm so happy we made the decision to go with her!" - Rebekah

Kyle Harmon

"We went with Kyle and he ended up being the perfect choice." - J and RT - Yelp

Nick Messerly

"Nick is flexible, professional, fun, dependable, hard-working, organized, polished" - Susan D - Yelp

Andy Cohen

"I have to leave my highest possible review for Andy who made my wedding night something I will never forget." - Juan - Yelp!

Ryan Moreno

MixCloud  | HOMETOWN Santa Clarita HIGH SCHOOL Canyon High School COLLEGE School of Hard Knocks BEST LIVE CONCERT ATTENDED EDC ...

Gabriel Zamora

"We had the best night of our lives. Thank you again vox djs and dj ZammyZ!! - Michelle - Yelp

Rob Christie

"We didn't have to worry about a THING on the day, because Rob worked with us weeks in advance, and knocked it out of the park! Thanks Rob!!" - Jillian Yelp

Rigel Garman

“The music selection was perfect, it kept the party going until the very last minute and Rigel was super fun and helpful!” – Navyd – Yelp

Nicky K

"DJ Nicky K was very easy, fun, and professional. I highly recommend him" Yelp - Regan M

Tetris Kelly

"He got everyone movin' old and young alike, and it was obvious people were having a good time" - Sharon, Yelp

Will Gill

"Thanks to VOX DJ and Adrian and I recommend Will to anyone who's looking for a DJ with versatility and amazing attitude" - Steve, Yelp

Adrian Melgar

"DJ Adrian kept the dance floor alive with great music! In short, he was super friendly, professional, and punctual." - Leila S (Yelp)

Patrick Carabillas

"We had Patrick for a wedding this month and he was AWESOME. We gave him a general idea of our taste in music and demographic of our guests and he gave us a party of a lifetime." - Emily - Yelp

Grant Dewalt

"It was a magical wedding and Grant was an important part of that." Zen D, Yelp

Russell Moonlight

"His music was an amazing mix of current hits - ALL great dance music. The dance floor was packed." - Courtney - Yelp!

DJ Benofficial

" We had so many people asking and complimenting on him during and after the wedding." - Kathy - Yelp

Dave Watkins

"I was extremely happy with the services of the company and with Dave who was the DJ for the night." - Mary B, Yelp

Malia Krupin

"Malia was so bubbly and full of energy and really got the crowd going. Before the event she took time to prepare with me and somehow she tied in the 1920's sound with today's music and it was talked about through out the evening" - Priscilla

Jason Rodriguez

"I'd give Jason 100 stars if I could. If I'm still getting comments about Jason to this day" Jessica - Yelp

Malcolm Alexander

"From the initial meeting he totally understood my Wife and I vision for how we wanted our wedding to go" - Steve, Yelp

Daniel Cabral

"We couldn't have asked for a better DJ, and everyone kept saying how incredible the dance music was which kept them on the floor" - Ryan Y, Yelp

Noah Barboza

"Well these guys are amazing! We had DJ NOAH today and he worked our event to perfection" - Aggelos C - Yelp

Scott Kelly Thomas

"Cannot recommend him enough - he did such a fantastic job." - Krista, Yelp

Jenny Nguyen

"Our family and friends all raved about how great a job he did! So glad we chose VOX for our wedding day!" - Cydney - Yelp!

Gina Cat

"She was extremely prompt and professional, and everybody after the wedding said that the music was amazing." - Patrick, Yelp

Crystal Hilliard

"Our DJ Crystal was AMAZING! She played all the songs we had requested and added in the perfect ones to go with it" Jennifer - Yelp

Matt Franco

"DJ Matt was amazing and he was certainly integral in making our event a huge success! He was personable, professional, and attentive to our needs." -Erin, Yelp

Johnny Gallo

"Johnny was totally awesome and completely entertaining. He had everyone moving and grooving." Groovy G, Yelp -11.20.15

Cullen Martinez

"Cullen did a superb job DJing the event, incorporating all my favorite songs while MCing beautifully." - Chad - Yelp!

Tony III Lorrich

"Tony also kept the dancefloor bumping from start to finish. Fantastic - Thanks Tony!" - Josh, Yelp

Kyle McAuley

"He played the songs we wanted, did a great job hosting and had such a friendly and upbeat personality." Stacey - Yelp

Jarom Smith

"He made sure that the music flowed flawlessly on top of his overall energy he brought to our wedding" - Jane - Yelp

Diego Terry

"The dance floor was full until we had to leave, and we didn't have to even think about the music during the reception" - Katherine - Yelp

Eddie Sumlin

"Eddie had an easy personality and great vibe and we were sure our ceremony and after-party would be in great hands. We were right!" - Melanie 10.18.15

Matt Maus

"We had a ton of compliments from our guests. I don't want to brag, but I think we had the best dance party of any wedding I've ever been to ;)" Jessica - Yelp!

Ralph Bracamonte

"Vox Djs and DJ Ralph were SO AMAZING and instrumental in helping me out with not only music, but planning out the day." - Michelle – Wedding 11.15.14

Rob Corrall

"Rob did an incredible job as our DJ! He had really good instincts for when to play the oldies type of music and when to play newer pop music, so that all ages of people had a good time." - Penny – Wedding 02.28.15

Stan Gibbs

"We danced ALL night long and DJ Stan was awesome! He made sure everyone was having a great time and that everything we asked for was played." - Erica – Wedding 02.28.15

Kevin Whan

"He played all the music we asked for and more. Our dance floor stayed packed throughout the night." - Stephanie - Yelp!

Carlos Leon

"Everything was PERFECT. VOX DJs sent us Carlos De Leon, and we could not be happier. I would give 10 stars if I could :) " - Kristy E, Yelp, 10.17.15