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Daniel Slocki


DJ D-Slock

Charlotte, NC

Providence High School – Go Panthers!

Auburn University. Our mascot is a Tiger named Aubie, but we say War Eagle!!

In 2013 I got invited to a small movie promotion and Bon Jovi performed about 8 songs for around 60 people and it was absolutely amazing. I was standing about 10 feet from him as he played and got to meet him afterwards; such a nice guy! My extended family is from New Jersey, so it was a really cool experience meeting a legend and lifetime idol.

New York City during the holiday season.


Over the years Daniel has lived in MI, IL, NJ, VA, NC, AL, GA, and in March of 2008 he settled in Hermosa Beach, CA. Living in all of these places has really expanded Daniel’s musical tastes including everything from Classic Rock, Hip Hop, Pop, to Country. He went to Auburn University where he received a bachelor’s in Entrepreneurship, an MBA, and was a part of 5 Division I NCAA National Championship Swim Teams. WAR EAGLE!! Through swimming, he was able to get a job in 2008 which moved him out to California where he has been ever since.

Although athletics consumed most of his time growing up, Daniel has always had a huge passion for performing. After moving to California he sought out way to pursue his passion and joined a choir in Los Angeles called the West Coast Singers. This kept the music bug very much alive in Daniel. Every event he would attend, somehow the microphone would invariably end up in his hand either giving a thank you toast or singing a few songs. He is lucky enough to have a few friends with bands where he will get up on stage and belt out a few tunes to the local South Bay crowd. Daniel has always been a “life of the party” type guy and always is the first one out on the dance floor.

His mission is to make sure everyone around him is having as much fun as he is. While attending one of his roommate’s weddings a mutual friend and Vox DJ, Ralph Bracamonte, was mixing at the party. A guest asked the bride if she had hired the guy who was on the mic singing all night to which she replied, “Nope! That’s our friend Daniel. That’s part of why we invited him, that’s just what he does.” After chatting with Ralph at the end of the wedding about DJ’ing, Daniel found his way into the Vox DJ family.