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David Newton

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David Newton

Cape Town, South Africa

Rondebosch Boys’ High School

City Varsity (Acting For Camera & Television Presenting)

A toss-up between P!nk at Staples Centre and my brother and my Newton’s Variety Show Concert, Christmas 1987

Because I have now made SoCal my home… I would have to say that Cape Town is my favorite vacation spot… because, yes, it is just that beautiful!.

Since winning the ‘Best Supporting Actress’ award in his school play (he attended an all boys school… and someone had to play Gloria, the hit man’s girlfriend), David has been inexplicably drawn to perform.

Even after working in advertising, it was not very long before he was encouraged (by a drunk co-worker) to seriously consider a career as a stand-up comic.

Ten years later, David has created and performed five comedy specials, garnered critical acclaim, scooped multiple awards and toured all over his native South Africa and internationally… earning him his Green Card… so that VOX DJs can harness his talents for you.

David is also an Ordained Minister (and we challenge you to find a DJ/comedian who can also legally marry you anywhere else in the world)! This makes David able to jump in last minute in case your efficient is a no-show. In the words of Joey Tribbiani (Friends): “I’m a minister and an entertainer. I’m a ministainer!”


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“He knows how to work the crowd. He engaged everyone, made them laugh, and kept the spirits high… at one point we were considering canceling the cake cutting because it was getting harder and harder to get people off the dance floor.” – Yelp

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“David is extremely pleasant and professional and helped us navigate some crisis when we went off schedule so everything flowed smoothly and flawlessly. (He) brought not only expertise but character, pazzaz, humor… and a sexy accent that had all the girls in love at “Welcome!” “ – Yelp

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“David has it all! He has years of experience as a standup comedian and DJ. During our event he was really funny and entertaining… and did a great job managing the flow of the evening. The majority of the guests never left the dance floor! David felt the crowd and plaid the music that everybody was absolutely happy with.” – Yelp

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With a wide array of musical interests, from classic 80’s rock to Top 40 to 90’s Hip Hop, David’s playlists are sure to contain anything and everything you want. Unless, of course, you’d like to hear an EDM remix of Moonlight Sonata… in which case, he’ll get right on that!