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Igor Bogatov

Moscow, Russia

University of Miami

Bon Jovi Live! in 2011 & Insomniac’s Escape 2016 EDM Festival

Global traveling is my other passion, so, its tough to pick, but, Reykjavik Iceland, Korfu Greece, Paris FR, Munich Germany, Lucern Swiss, Goa India, Tokyo, and Cancun MX make the top pics … among many..Oh Dubai was so much fun too 🙂


For the past two and a half decades, electronic dance music has remained a constant presence in my life. Russian born and raised, I was subjected to and immersed in the sounds of European dance music from ABBA to New Order to Pet Shop Boys to Carl Cox. From disco to new wave to acid house and techno, before some parts of the world even knew what it was, with mothers milk and EuroMTV, my fate as dance music aficionado was sealed early and for good.

My move to NYC in early 90’s happened at the perfect time for electronic music explosion to be taking the city over by a storm and I quickly found myself diving in head first into the club scene of Limelight, Twilo, and the Tunnel soaking in all the dance beats I can handle. As my passion grew stronger so did the desire to become a DJ myself. Teaching myself the art of turntablism and vinyl record mixing I quickly found myself rising thru the ranks to become one of the top booked DJs playing clubs, warehouses and festivals from city to city on weekends Relocating to Miami, I found myself even busier than ever playing our at major clubs like Space, Nocturnal, Mansion, Bed and festivals like Ultra on weekends while finishing my MBA and holding a demanding corporate job with a title on weekdays. Ultimately, My love for DJing naturally led me to production and collaboration work resulting in multiple releases on indie record labels under various monickers with several tracks charting quite high on global dance music lists. Taking some time off for my family, my journey now continues with VOXDJs. As I still enjoy playing house music for thousands of screaming party goers at clubs like Omnia, I find that my experience, knowledge, ability, and love for diverse formats plays in perfectly into the world of weddings and private events. I have now found a perfect outlet for my passion allowing me to play everything from Frank Sinatra to Journey and everything in between, yet, still, be prepared as the night gets hot, for some amazing house music mashups and remixes to blow up the dancefloor and rick the party into the night. One thing is for certain, I will put the fun into funky so expect to have the best time of your life when VOX DJ Funky Ivan is behind the decks!