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Hallie Ashford


DJ Hallie

Union City (Bay Area)

James Logan High School

San Diego State University and Imperial College(London University Abroad)

The best concert I’ve been to would have to be Bruno Mars. I would typically say Beyonce of course because she kills it every time. But I choose Bruno because he surprised me and I had more fun than I thought. I was dancing and never sat down because I was so intensely entertained. And not just that, but it was fun. His concert had music that spoke to my soul and fun songs and dance moves that had me excited like a little kid!

I LOVE HAWAII! It took me a while to finally go, but when I did it was everything I wanted and thought it would be. I love nature and the beach, yet enjoy the night life and dancing with friends. And when in Hawaii I felt like it NEVER slept just like me. I would compare it to a tropical Vegas meets the best Spa Day, Beach Day ever!


I grew up in a radio broadcast/music family. My grandfather was a musician and knew how to play every instrument there was. He also was a well known radio personality in the Bay Area. Rubbing shoulders with Jackson 5 and all the Motown artists at the time was what he was known for. My father also was involved in radio and music and I grew up with it all around all the time.  I use to make music mixes on the tap player and play the music for all my friends to dance to.

 I then co-hosted a radio show in college which led to being a Radio Personality full-time with Disney/ABC for 6 years. Throughout my time there I played music for the kiddos to dance to and led numerous dances to get the party started.

As I continue to host events in Southern California with CBS Radio and other corporations, I also began my exciting journey with VOX DJ’s. The company has assisted in guiding me to become more polished on hosting and playing music for private events and weddings which I absolutely LOVE!

Music runs through my veins, and without it I wouldn’t be the well rounded energetic person I am today –; )