Matt Maus | VOX DJs

Matt Maus


Wilmington, NC

John T. Hoggard High  School

NC State University

Rüfüs du Sol/Sia, Coachella 2016

Australia. There are waves, diving, lots of different people, it’s gorgeous and pretty much everything can kill you there. Exciting is an understatement. 

I got my start in Djing while I was attending college. My buddies and I would always throw big parties and I would be the one running the playlists and getting everyone pumped up. As I grew tired of the 9-5 a few years after graduating, I sold my possessions and moved out of country for a year. It opened my world up as I met new people with different views on life as well as new cultures. I discovered
several new musical tastes in Australia and Brazil so my range is pretty wide now! Through all my adventures I found one recurring interest I had in life and that was to surround myself with happy people and to spread my optimism and experiences! Djing has been the perfect fit as I get to take part in couples’ happiest day. Making sure everyone is having a great time and smiling is top of my list as I aim to please. My relaxed, yet fun demeanor allows me to work with any type of party. I’ll be the cool, laid back guy running the boards or the one leading the charge on the Cupid Shuffle! Coming out of the South Bay, I have found Vox DJ’s has been an amazing company to work for. From Kiddie Parties to the Big Day, I have discovered the dream job here in sunny California.