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Rigel Garman


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South Lake Tahoe, CA

San Jose State University

Best live concert has got to be the Porter Robinson and Madeon Shelter Live Tour at the Shrine Auditorium. My favorite festival is without a doubt Snowglobe for New Years in Tahoe.

I haven’t had the opportunity to do a lot of traveling, but it’s a toss-up between Maui or Fort Lauderdale, FL. It is the best when I get to travel to a place with an amazing outdoor atmosphere.


I was born and raised in South Lake Tahoe in a very music influenced family. My dad is a professional musician/DJ and he’s played everywhere in Tahoe. My mom is also a great classically trained pianist and my sister and I both grew up playing in our school orchestras.  I loved it because there was always music of all generations within our house hold.

I went to college at San Jose State University where I got my BS in Business Management and minored in Music Technology.  Going from small town life to the city was eye opening in the best way possible.  I started getting into the art of DJing from my college roommate. He showed me the basics of spinning and the culture of EDM/rave music.  I never stopped pursuing to get more involved in both so I would DJ at college parties, bars, and my house where my girlfriend got many private concerts.

Now that I have my degree, I can start to pursue my dream of becoming a DJ and working within the EDM/Dance music industry.  Having the opportunity to live in Southern California and be surrounded by the mass amount of talent is inspiring.