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Tommy O’Sullivan


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Phoenix, AZ

High school: 

Apollo HS


Arizona State University

Best live concert attended (who, where, when): Capital Cities, Coachella 2014

Favorite vacation destination:  Camping in Oak Creek Canyon, AZ


I was raised by a pair of baby boomers who immersed me in their music catalog and always had the newest records/cassettes/CDs around.  I even used to have a huge collection of mixtapes that I made by recording off the radio, but now that we live in a world where we don’t need literal pieces of furniture to hold our music, no one can call me a hoarder!  From childhood to this day, I’ve dabbled in everything from trumpet to piano and choir, always keeping music around in one form or another.

In college, I studied chemistry, but I was sure to take music classes and attended concerts regularly.  I was also the de facto “iPod guy” at many parties (and even started writing a musical about photosynthesis as a first draft of my senior thesis).  After college, I started working in healthcare, which soon relocated me to LA where I met Rob Corrall.  After seeing me in action at Coachella, Rob encouraged me to come meet KC, so here I am.


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