Lighting and Visual Productions

Whether you are envisioning an elegant ambiance, a club-style vibe, or any specific theme; the VOX DJs Lighting and Visual Productions TEAM is here to help make your vision come to life!
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A subtle, yet effective way to create an ambiance to match the look and feel you are envisioning for your event is by simply adding some color and controlled visibility with Uplighting, Area Washes, and/or String Lighting.

Personalization and Theme

A great way to add a signature touch to your event is with our various projection packages. Whether you would like to project your event’s name/date, or project patterns that will complement the theme of your event; we have a wide selection of options to do just that.

If you are looking to emphasize the appearance of your event’s décor, we offer lighting options to highlight and/or spotlight these specific items and areas. Whether you are looking to highlight your floral décor, spotlight a performance, or simply provide extra light to a key area of your floorplan; we offer plenty of lighting options to highlight these essential areas.

To add some energy to your event, we have a long list of interactive lighting and FX options. Whether you are looking to add some life to the dance floor, or incorporate some theatrical effects into your timeline, we have many options and ideas to liven up your event.

Using our various audio visual packages and options, we can play and project your video presentations, music videos, visual effects, you name it!